PDG Ray Howlett

2010 - 2015

PDG Paul Brand

2005 - 2010

PID Carl Young

1992 - 2005

PDG Stan Durward

1988 – 1992














A committee of the Cabinet promoted the Camp as the “District Major Project” prior to 1988 when Lion Stan became Chairman.


Lion Stan had the responsibility of purchasing the cabins from Panabode, 2 or 3 at a time, and they were shipped by rail from Vancouver to our site.


Lots of miles and many, many visits to individual clubs, zone meetings and cabinet meetings were made to request that clubs purchase a cabin and if possible arrange to construct it under the supervision of the committee.  Lion Stan’s goal was to get the camp construction completed during his term as Chairman.


Early on, the committee worked very closely with the ACLD, which was an advocacy group for children with learning disabilities.  As they were only into advocacy, they did not wish to become involved.  Thus “The Friends of Children with Learning Disabilities” was formed, led by a lawyer, Bob McDermott (since deceased) with whom we entered into a partnership with and who shared our vision as well.


Our original plan was to have bunk beds constructed for the cabins, however we were advised by the Association for Children with Learning Disabilities the children that would be attending our camp could not handle a bunk bed environment, so a huge adjustment had to be made.  Minden Lion Alan Thompson, (since deceased)  spearheaded the building project and with help from his fellow members they built all the beds for us.


In 1992 PID Carl Young became Chairman.